JBL MS-2 Car Audio Optimizer

JBL MS-2 Car Audio Optimizer
JBL MS-2 Car Audio Optimizer Detail

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JBL MS-2 Car Audio Optimizer Description

The best possible sound from any player or system. If your music is important enough to carry with you everywhere, you should carry the JBL MS-2 pocket digital processor. Then instead of connecting your iPod, iPhone or other portable player directly to your car audio or other loudspeaker system, you can connect it through the MS-2 – and enjoy dramatically improved sonic clarity and stereo imaging. The MS-2 uses DSP (digital signal processing) equalizati…

The JBL MS-2 pocket digital processor dramatically improves the sound quality of your portable music device when played through your car’s loudspeaker system or any other speaker system. When connecting your portable device through the MS-2 rather than directly to the speaker system, the MS-2 engages advanced DSP (digital signal processing) equalization to optimize system performance for the acoustic characteristics of your speakers, electronics and vehicle interior, and DSP time correct…

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JBL MS-2 Car Audio Optimizer

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